Reasons to shop from us

Welcome. The Seabee Cruise Box has been in business for over 11 years, supplying the Seabees and other USMC organizations with professional decals. The Seabee cruise box is dedicated to producing, Seabee grade stickers for use on their hardhats, we also offer a wide variety of other products and services from glass cup, hats and t-shirts, soon we will be offering coins, seabee gifts and other like items. As we grow we will become a full service store for Seabee units all over the world.

Shipping Charge: we have to charge $3.00 for shipping. this $3.00 is all you pay.

Our Seabee grade stickers is produced under the Tuff-stuff line and is made of durable 20- millimeter vinyl die-cut for easy placement and will take to the round shape of the the hardhat, these decals stick on tough, but it can be easily removed and reapplied in a new location on that new hardhat up to a year later, All our stickers are sized correctly to Navy rules. The Vinyl gives off a new look that last even after coming out of Iraq sandbox for six months, this gives the hardhat a professional look. From rank to command stickers you will look sharp. No more half torn or missing stickers, not to forget, it’s hard to get your stickers from supply, due to them being “not in stock” (NIS).

Why did we come up with the Tuff-stuff line you ask? In the past the Rank, command and safety stickers, given to Seabee on the ground, by supply or Rank stickers bought at the PX ($2.40 ea), are 4-millimeter thick. When you put them on, (cut square) the sticker would not hold or would have a wave like effect, letting dirt get under the sticker keeping it from staying on, or it would just tear in a week or two, forcing you to cut around the image and use supper glue. I said no more and with the Tuff-stuff line all that has gone away.

What kind of stickers do we offer? We offer E-4 - E-9 Rank, Command (2.5in) and safety Decals Stickers (2.5in) for the Seabee Hardhat, as well as other Seabee and USMC Printed logos. In the past Seabee command stickers where 3” to 2.5” diameters. But they would have a wave like action when the Seabee would put them on. The Navy print shops answer to this problem was to make them smaller, not to fix the product. Well we did it for them, and opened a new way for the first class and chief associations to raise money on items that we use every day.

we now offer the making of Challeng coins. just ask us for a price quotation

How we can help the first class and chief associations! We offer a discount to the 1st class and CPO Associations, send us a POC and a letter from your unit CMC stating that the POC assigned for your unit and we can give you a discount. This will give you at least $1.00 profit from each item. This is our way of supporting, Seabees helping Seabees. also go to are link for more cool things

In the works! We will Soon have a 6" SCW Pin for what ever you want to put it on. as well as a new seabee hatpin. and Many patches with DARK DIGITAL OCEAN (NWU)

Special order custom artwork items You can send in your own personalized artwork, and we can recreate it for you. For a small additional charge (one time $20.00 set up fee) or you can create brand-new sticker with us. so far we have not charged anyone for this , they order more then 100Ea

Our mission is to stand ready to send Seabee unit supplies to promote their pride, no matter where they are, the things they need to sell to their troops for raising money for there NWM as well as supplies that they would need. The Seabee Cruise Box can supply you with Hardhat decals that will make your Unit standout on and off the battlefield.